Diego Ballona

A little bit about me and what I am up to.

I write here about my views on engineering management, software engineering and product development. Some of my previous professional experiences include working as an engineering leader at Spotify, WhatsApp, Toptal and a few startups. You can read more about my career on my LinkedIn.

My trajectory

Belo Horizonte, my hometown
Belo Horizonte, my hometown

I was born in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and spent the vast majority of my life there. I discovered my first passion very early in life, through my father's family: music. Being the grandson, and son of musicians, life gifted me with some healthy pressure and curiosity to learn music. Interestingly, I turned out into the worst type of hobbyist musician you can think of: I won't play a song until the end, and when I do, I will do it on repeat.

The second passion I found was technology. What probably got me into it is the ability to craft a solution to someone's need. Whether for billions of users or myself, I am delighted by the process, but most importantly, by the outcomes that building software brings. Over the past handful of years, I found even more fulfilment in serving and supporting other people on their craft, trajectory, and growth. As a coadjuvant of their stories, empowering people to achieve what they want and need both on a personal and professional level is a highly transformative process for me too.


I live in London and work at Spotify as a Senior Engineering Manager, supporting the Customer Service engineering organisation. On the personal front, I'm currently focused on the following, in order of priority:

  1. Acquiring better habits with food and exercising. I've neglected exercising for the past 18 months and my diet has been all over the place since my early 20s. My wife has done very well lately on the subject, so I've drawn inspiration from her and am trying to exercise more and eat healthier.
  2. Composing/producing music for fun. I've sold most of my bass gear – an amp, cabinet, upright bass, a few electric basses – and have invested into an audio interface, a few VSTs/plugins (Superior Drummer 3, some Neural DSL stuff) and soon in studio monitors to play around with recording.
  3. Reading about customer service. I've been curious about the space for a while and have good incentives to learn more about it now. Currently reading The Best Service is No Service and Customer Success: How Innovative Companies Are Reducing Churn and Growing Recurring Revenue.

Last update: November 19th 2021